We are an accounting firm that commenced operations in Hong Kong in 1996 and was registered as an accounting firm during the period 1996-2013 in accordance with the Professional Accountants Ordinance, Chapter 50, Section 28A of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.
From December 2013 onwards, the firm has gradually transferred the audit employments to the newly established incorporated practice. The firm was renamed "S. M. Tang Certified Public Accountant" and have not performed audits since the end of March 2017, and instead focus on providing other non-audit professional services.
  We believe that the company's primary responsibility is to take care of those who use our services. Fulfil clients' requirements quickly and reliably and maintain a reasonable level of fees.
  • Listen carefully, ask questions, and express opinions;
  • Delivery on time, work quality, and standard level;
  • Provide friendly, direct, and individual face-to-face services tailored to the needs of our clients;
  • Control the time of completion of the work and complete the task within tight deadlines;
  • We value the professionalism of our company and our employees, learn new technologies and master the constantly updated laws and professional standards to serve our customers;
  • When pursuing profit, we never make any moral or ethical concessions.
  S.M. Tang
Certified Public Accountant (Practising)